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Episode 66 – Get Your Mindset Right with Andrew Carlson

Welcome to episode 66 of The Restaurant Coach Podcast. It is the cure for the common restaurant.

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever considered joint a mastermind group. No, not Dr. Evils mastermind group like in Austin Powers. I’m taking about a group of independent restaurant owners like you that are sick and tired of their restaurant running them. In a mastermind group you get the best of coaching and consulting. Weekly educational calls where we share the roadmap to getting the want and the life you deserve. Plus, a Q&A call where we answer your questions live so you can get immediate answers to your challenges that you face at your restaurant. I joined my first mastermind about 5 years ago and it totally changed my mindset and my business forever.

I want you to experience they same results for your restaurant so here’s the deal. You can try out my mastermind group called Mastermind Foundations for 30-days for FREE! That’s right. Jump in today and joint the fasting growing restaurant mastermind group out there. All you need to do is head over to www.restaurantssimplified.com and click the Start now for Free button. It’s that easy.

Mindset is my favorite thing to talk about in my coaching programs is mindset because it is the one thing that you can improve immediately to start getting the restaurant you want and the life you deserve. I know you want a new checklist or some way to brainwash your team to follow your every command. Sorry, but any change to your restaurant is going to have to start with you. Your attitude. Your behavior. Your habits. Your mindset. Today my guest is not only a great friend and colleague in the industry, he is also a mindset coach that has over 100K followers on Tik Tok that tune into his tips to get their mindset on the right track. Let’s jump into the TRC studio with my guest…Andrew Carlson.

Episode 43 – Enlightened Leadership and Restaurant Economics with Craig Shelton

James Beard Award Winning Chef, Consultant, and Contrarian, Craig Shelton stops in to share some insight into what the restaurant industry is missing: enlightened leadership, group-think, and why the economy is hurting the restaurant industry. Craig is brilliant and talking with him always opens my eyes to look at the world with a deeper perceptive.

“A contrarian strategy is often the winning move.” – Craig Shelton

Books recommended for enlightened leadership:
The E-Myth
Getting Things Done
Extreme Ownership
Human Sigma


Episode 40 – Watch Out for These Mental Traps!

Welcome to The Restaurant Coach Podcast, it is the cure for the common restaurant. If you haven’t been over to my new website The Restaurant Coach™.com, I invite you to go and check it out. Also, if you seem to be stuck getting things done each month I have the perfect tool for you. It’s called The RestaurantMAP™, and it is the same system I use with my private coaching clients to get consistent results every month. You can download it for free by heading to the link in the show notes.

Today I want to talk about what is standing in your way from getting the restaurant and life you want. I know that running a restaurant is tough. Being a leader is tough. I mean that. It’s hard to get up, get motivated, and head to work trying to keep your energy high while running a restaurant. Some days you feel like you got this under control and other days you feel like your restaurant runs you.

What separates those good days from the bad days? It’s your mindset. Okay, that sounds basic and boring… but it’s the truth. You determine the success or failure of each day by the meaning you attach to each situation that pops up.

These mental traps are the biggest obstacle you will face.

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Episode 39 – You Are Your Restaurant

Welcome to The Restaurant Coach Podcast, it is the cure for the common restaurant. In this fast and furious episode, I wanted to share the story about how the title to my first book Your Restaurant Sucks came to be and how you are your restaurant.

The day your journey to get the restaurant you want begins when you make a real decision. Now, to help you get started you need to have a realistic picture of where your restaurant is now. I developed The Restaurant CheckUp as a tool that will tell you what stage your restaurant is at now. There are four stages of restaurant success that all restaurants fall into. You’re either struggling, surviving, thriving, or driving within your market. Each stage has its symptoms and keys to success. With the right action plan you can navigate from one stage to the other. With the right elements in place you can stay at those upper levels. It’s free to take the Restaurant CheckUp and you can access the link to take it at my website www.therestaurantcoach.com head over today and take the CheckUp. It only takes 10 minutes. And with that, I close with this. Restaurant become better when the people in them become better people. That starts with you.


Episode 38 – Rethinking Business Models with Craig Shelton

Welcome to The Restaurant Coach™ Podcast it is the cure for the common restaurant. I have to say that one of the best things about networking and speaking to people who play the game at high levels is that they challenge you to rethink your mindset and to challenge the way you view your model of the world. My guest today is really going to shake up the way you look at your restaurant and what is your real propose. Remember that the truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off. There is so much wisdom in this episode that you will want to download it and share some of the ideas with your team. Challenge yourself to look at your business differently and you may find some new answers that can shift your restaurant to new levels. I also have to give credit for Craig for making this interview possible. He is working with a client and they lost power so he went next door and called in from a loading dock to make this happen. So there might be a little background noise. However, this information is so powerful that you’ll want to pay attention. That’s what great leaders do they take the current situation and adapt to get results.

With that, let me introduce today’s guest:

I am honored to have Craig Shelton. His resume is quite deep: CEO of Shelton Hospitality Group, CEO of Aeon Hospitality Consulting, and founder of King’s Row Coffee. He is also an instructor at Princeton University and winner of the 2000 James Beard Award for Best Chef.

Show Links:

Aeon Hospitality Consulting

Craig’s Success Book Recommendations

Thanks again Craig for taking time to be on the show. You can contact Craig at the links above. Please check out the books he recommended and add them to your reading list.

My favorite takeaway from this interview: “The actions of the service team must not harm the client’s agenda.”

In closing…

Restaurant get better when the people in them become better people. You get better when you challenge your current business and thinking models.

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