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Episode 116 – Digital Maturity is the Way with Meredith Sandland and Carl Orsbourn

Welcome to The Restaurant Coach Podcast, it is the cure for the common restaurant. Change. Weather you like it or not it’s happening. Most people don’t like change and long for the good old days…but the good old days weren’t always so good of your honest with yourself. Today I want to talk to you about two words: digital maturity. As we all know, the restaurant industry is highly competitive, and those who don’t adapt to the ever-changing landscape will be left behind. So let’s dive right into these the reasons why digital maturity is critical to restaurant success see how they can make a significant impact on your restaurant’s growth and long-term success with authors of Delivering The Digital Restaurant: The Path to Digital Maturity, Meredith Sandland and Carl Orsbourn.

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