Episode 39 – You Are Your Restaurant

Welcome to The Restaurant Coach Podcast, it is the cure for the common restaurant. In this fast and furious episode, I wanted to share the story about how the title to my first book Your Restaurant Sucks came to be and how you are your restaurant.

The day your journey to get the restaurant you want begins when you make a real decision. Now, to help you get started you need to have a realistic picture of where your restaurant is now. I developed The Restaurant CheckUp as a tool that will tell you what stage your restaurant is at now. There are four stages of restaurant success that all restaurants fall into. You’re either struggling, surviving, thriving, or driving within your market. Each stage has its symptoms and keys to success. With the right action plan you can navigate from one stage to the other. With the right elements in place you can stay at those upper levels. It’s free to take the Restaurant CheckUp and you can access the link to take it at my website www.therestaurantcoach.com head over today and take the CheckUp. It only takes 10 minutes. And with that, I close with this. Restaurant become better when the people in them become better people. That starts with you.