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Episode 69 – STOP Lying To Yourself

Welcome to another episode of The Restaurant Coach Podcast. It is the cure for the common restaurant. Now, a lot of restaurant experts out there want you to believe that restaurant success is complex. I believe that restaurant success is actually simple if you understand the combination that unlocks it. Most expert’s have a complex model for restaurant success that looks like a Rubik’s cube. The system I teach my clients is like a three number combination lock. Once you have the three numbers and place them in the right order, you can open the lock whenever you want. That’s the key. Most want you dependent on them and their system. I want to teach you the principles that are the combination to success so you have the power to unlock it when you want to. If you want to learn the secret to restaurant success…I’ll give it to you. Just book a 1:1 Success Call with me and I will show you the exact combination you need to make more and work less in your restaurant. Head over to my website at and click on any of the buttons there that say “Book Your Success Session”.