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Episode 61- Start Your Own Restaurant Revolution with Rick Tramonto

Welcome to The Restaurant Coach™ Podcast. It is the cure for the common restaurant. So, what do you believe in? God, the universe, and higher power? It is in times like these that faith is needed and tested. My guest today is not only a James Beard award winning chef and restaurateur, he is also the author with 7 books to his name including: Scars of a Chef, Amuse Bouche, Tru – A Cookbook, and American Brasserie. Rick Tramonto started out like many in a traditional apprenticeship program and through his hard work and having incredible mentors, built a culinary reputation that is second to none. He believes that in order to get through this pandemic you need three things: Faith, Focus, and the ability to move Forward. This is an episode packed with a lot of gold nuggets, so let’s jump into the interview.

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Episode 60 – How to Convert Guests Into Raving Fans with Rev Ciancio

Welcome to The Restaurant Coach Podcast, it is the cure for the common restaurant. Is it just me or are you seeing the restaurant world changing right before your eyes? It’s crazy out there right now. So what can you do to help stabilize some of the insanity going on around you? It’s hard to control sales, but one thing you can control is your profitability! Since COVID hit, I have had all of my private coaching clients and members of my mastermind group shift their focus on increasing profits. How do you ask? It’s not as hard as you think. I actually outline the steps you need to take in an eBook called: 9 Ways to Make More Money in 90-Days! It’s a bold statement that I have proven works in any size restaurant. In fact, I beta tested this system out with over 100 independent restaurants in 7 different countries and everyone who followed the system saw an increase in their profits. Head over to to grab the eBook and get started.

Turning one time guests into repeat guests is always the goal for any restaurant. The real secret is to make that returning guest a raving fan. When you have raving fans, they don’t just come down when you have a coupon or discount. They drive past all the others to visit you. Loyal guests are your salvation when times get tight. People still eat out even when times are tough like they are now. It might be dine in, takeout, or delivery. When someone spends money with them you must be capturing their data so you can start a relationship with them. That is the first step to creating raving fans.

My guest today is a master at helping restaurants convert regular guest into raving fans. Rev Cancio is a real ordained minister that found his true calling helping restaurants. Let’s jump into the interview…

Episode 59 – The Future of Restaurants with Kyle Inserra

Welcome to The Restaurant Coach ™ Podcast, it is the cure for the common restaurant. If you have listen to this show before you know I have a list of the seven deadly sins that you want to avoid.  The number one sin in any restaurant is mediocrity. The second sin is not knowing your numbers. I can give you the other five as well.

When it comes to helping you with sin number two: not knowing your numbers, I have a solution. Check out my new program called Restaurant KPI Mastery. I partnered up with the number one KPI and efficiency consultant in the world, Darren Manzari to create a new program that has been beta tested with 100 independent restaurants in 7 countries has shown an average increase of 8-12% for clients. One client actually has been consistently hit 18% for the last three months and this is with COVID happening! Head over to to get a demo and see if it can help you and your restaurant.

Today on the show I am joined by restaurateur and real estate expert Kyle Inserra. Kyle is my go to person when I have clients that need guidance on how to create a partnership with their landlord. Now it the perfect time to either renegotiate with your current landlord or maybe even find a better location for your restaurant. Before we jump into the interview, A quick shout out to our sponsors for this show. If you are looking for a badass POS System to compliment your badass restaurant, then go and check out Upserve at Okay, let’s get to it…

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Episode 58 – Create a Michelin Star Culture with Terrance Brennan

Welcome to The Restaurant Coach ™ Podcast, it is the cure for the common restaurant. Are you setting the expectations for your team? Are you really holding them accountable? You might be a little disappointed with yourself when you get honest about what is really going on inside your restaurant’s culture. Your restaurant’s culture is the life force of your brand. It creates energy that transcends and influences your staff. It trickles down, encompassing and shaping the guest experience.

Now on today’s show I am honored to have on this episode a good friend and Michelin Star award winning chef, Terrance Brennan. For as many awards as this man has won, I am in awe of how humble he is. This is a true leader in the restaurant world. Let’s jump into the interview

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