Episode 40 – Watch Out for These Mental Traps!

Welcome to The Restaurant Coach Podcast, it is the cure for the common restaurant. If you haven’t been over to my new website The Restaurant Coach™.com, I invite you to go and check it out. Also, if you seem to be stuck getting things done each month I have the perfect tool for you. It’s called The RestaurantMAP™, and it is the same system I use with my private coaching clients to get consistent results every month. You can download it for free by heading to the link in the show notes.

Today I want to talk about what is standing in your way from getting the restaurant and life you want. I know that running a restaurant is tough. Being a leader is tough. I mean that. It’s hard to get up, get motivated, and head to work trying to keep your energy high while running a restaurant. Some days you feel like you got this under control and other days you feel like your restaurant runs you.

What separates those good days from the bad days? It’s your mindset. Okay, that sounds basic and boring… but it’s the truth. You determine the success or failure of each day by the meaning you attach to each situation that pops up.

These mental traps are the biggest obstacle you will face.

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