Episode 127 – To Be Unstoppable, You Must Be Unfuckwithable

Welcome to The Restaurant Coach Podcast – it’s the cure for the common restaurant. In this unapologetically raw episode, we’re diving deep beneath the surface of what makes or breaks not just your restaurant, but your life.

Are you ready to confront the skeletons in your closet? To challenge the hidden truths you’ve been ignoring about your business, health, relationships, and mindset? This episode is about shedding light on those dark corners and starting the journey towards truly having it all.

Introducing ‘Warrior Restaurants‘ – my bold, new coaching program set to launch in January 2024, and the accompanying book ‘Savage Restaurant Success‘. This isn’t for the complacent. It’s for those who are driven, hungry for change, and ready to dominate their market while transforming their personal lives.

I’ll also be giving you a taste of what’s to come with a chapter from my second book, “Your Restaurant Still Sucks”, read by the award-winning narrator Sean Pratt. This chapter, ‘Be Unfuckwithable’, is the cornerstone of what helped me revolutionize my mindset during my toughest times in the restaurant industry.

🎧 Tune in now and ask yourself: Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey? To become unfuckwithable in your life and business? Listen, reflect, and decide if you’re ready to join the ranks of Warrior Restaurants. If you are, then join the movement at www.WarriorRestaurants.com

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