Episode 126 – How To Spot The Food Cost Thieves Stealing Your Profits


I want to talk about a serious topic that most restaurant owners ignore: Food Costs. Yes, I know they are a pain in the ass to do.

Costing out recipes is not fun. Well, some people do find them fun and those people are very rare! For the majority of restaurant owners, it a thorn in your side and you avoid like the plague.

Here’s the good news, bad news.

Bad news, if you don’t like doing food costing you won’t like what I am about to tell you…you must know the cost of everything on your menu.

Now the good news…knowing one key thing known as theoretical food costs and knowing your actual food costs is like finding a gold mine under your restaurant! So, today, I want to take you into a workshop that I do with my Restaurant Accelerator™ Coaching members. In their coaching program they follow what all my coaching programs follow known as The Restaurant Coach™ Method. The Restaurant Accelerator™ Program just goes a little deeper down the rabbit hole of theory, frameworks and implementation. This workshop you’re going to listen to is from Food Cost Bootcamp which is 8 workshops in total that give them a solid foundation into getting their food cost under control! So sit back and jump into to Food Cost Bootcamp and The 40 Thieves that Steal Your Profits!

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