Episode 100 – Gotta Sales Slump? It Might Be Your Marketing!

Welcome to The Restaurant Coach Podcast it is the cure for the common restaurant. Seriously, who wants to be average? Not you if your listening to this. You know deep down that your restaurant could be more, YOU could be more. And right now you’re feeding your brain some good stuff that is going to allow you to have it all. So what would you like more of right now? When I ask independent restaurants this question the number one response I get is more sales. If you know me my now, all business problems are people problems and sometimes that requires you to have a fresh look at what could be really causing the problem. When sales start to drop we panic. It’s natural. Here’s the thing I want to discuss with you today. What causes sales to fall in the first place and how can you save them from falling to flat-lining? On Fridays I go LIVE inside my private Facebook group called The Restaurant Coach Nation to answer questions like these. It’s free to become a member. Just answer three questions to make sure you are a restaurant owner, operator, or expert that can contribute to the group and you’re in! On today’s training I will show you the 3 biggest marketing mistakes restaurants make and what you must do now to fix them. These solutions will also fix those lagging sales too…

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