Episode 101 – Digital Strategy That Can Make Restaurants More Money with Carl Orsbourn

Welcome to The Restaurant Coach Podcast. It is the cure for the common restaurant. If you are serious about growing your brand you first have to get serious about growing yourself. I believe that restaurants become better when the people in them become better people. That starts when the leader invests in themselves to learn, grow, and pick up new skills. Now, investing in yourself doesn’t have to be expensive. YouTube is full of videos that can help you become a better leader. LinkedIn Learning is a great way to tune up your soft skills like time management and communication. You can even join my FREE Facebook group called The TRC Nation where I go live on Fridays with a training to help you break free from your restaurant running you. And of course you have podcasts like this one that give you new ideas and ways to grow your brand. Speaking about this podcast. If you could be so kind as to subscribe, share and write a review it would mean everything to me as it helps support my mission of helping 1 million independent restaurant owners around the world make more money while working less in their business. There are a lot of radical new things happening in the restaurant industry that you need to be aware of and this October I am holding my annual 3-day conference for my restaurant Mastermind group called The Restaurant Success Summit. Now, this is not your average conference. Come on. Would I do anything average? This is a 3-day conference that includes 90-days of group coaching with me personally. So if you have ever wondered what coaching is really like…this is your opportunity to find out first hand. Head over to www.RestaurantSuccessSummit.com now to grab a ticket before this event sells out! Now, One of the 7 other speakers I have speaking at the event is best seller author of Delivering The Digital Restaurant…Carl Orsbourn. I love my conversations with Carl because I also love to learn and he is a wealth of information about how restaurants can embrace technology to make more profits and streamline their operations. Let’s jump into the conversation I had with him recently….

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