Episode 99 – Want To Win The Hiring Game? DO THIS!

Welcome to the Restaurant Coach Podcast it is the cure for the common restaurant. Labor issues. People quitting by text. Dogs and cats living together. It’s crazy out there. So what is a restaurant owner or operator to do? Well you could start with any of my books from The Your Restaurant Sucks Trilogy! I do want to take a moment to say thank you so very much for making all three books best sellers in the Restaurant and Food Industry category on Amazon. You can pick up the Kindle, paperback or hardcover editions of Your Restaurant Sucks, Your Restaurant Still Sucks, and my latest book Your Restaurant Culture Sucks over on Amazon. For those that like audio-books the first two books are available now at Audible and iTune. The third book with be out in audio-book format early October. Now that is taken care of let’s talk about your restaurant and why turnover has your restaurant running you….

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