Episode 142 – 5 Things Your Staff Wishes You’d Stop Doing

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As a leader, you might think you’re giving your team what they need, but are you?

Your staff has a secret wish list of things they wish you’d stop doing.

Today, we’re revealing the top 5 things your employees are silently begging you to change.

No more excuses, no more hiding – it’s time to elevate your leadership game.

Get ready to face the harsh truths head-on and transform into the leader your team deserves.

From playing favorites to leaving early during rushes, we’ll expose the habits that are holding you back.

Brace yourself for a reality check that will shake up your perspective and propel you toward becoming a true restaurant trailblazer.

If you want the full playbook on how to grow your restaurant to 4X revenue, and finally move to spending time working on the business rather than in it, then…