Episode 102 – Fix Your Leadership NOW with Yigal Adato

Welcome to The Restaurant Coach Podcast. It is the cure for the common restaurant. Let’s talk about why your restaurant is stuck. Go to the bathroom and look in the mirror…see that person looking back at you? That’s the person who needs to become a better leader. If you didn’t go look in a mirror…that would be you. Leadership is key to creating a culture of accountability. If you ever felt like a glorified babysitter at your restaurant then listen up. You are to blame and you also can fix this. My good friend Yigal Adato knows this first hand. A third generation entrepreneur, he followed in the family business and did what he was taught to do. Rule with an iron fist and be at the business from open to close. While that seemed to work for years…it didn’t go well with his new bride that didn’t like him spending the bill of his day at his business micromanaging the team. Wasn’t a business owner suppose to be the owner and not an employee? This lead Yigal down a path of self discovery and it radically changed his mindset and approach to being a leader. With his new tools in hand he changed the culture of his brand and it changed the direction of his life.

Now Yigal has a company named Unlock the Leader where he shows other business owners the same frameworks he used to get free from his business owning him. Yigal is also going to be speaking at my 3-day event in Scottsdale this October called The Restaurant Success Summit. It’s my annual immersion event for my Restaurant Masterminds coaching members and we have people from all around the globe flying in for this! Will you be there? You can be if you head over to www.RestaurantSuccessSummit.com and grab your ticket! Oh, did I mention that it also includes 90-day membership into my mastermind group that includes two weekly group calls and I am also throwing in access to my top 5 courses to get you going even faster! Let’s jump into this amazing conversation I had recently with Yigal. You might want to take notes…

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