Episode 93 – The 11 Traits of Outstanding Restaurants

Welcome to another episode of The Restaurant Coach Podcast. It is the cure for the common restaurant. These are rough times for restaurants and those that are going to thrive and just survive will need to change things. One thing is we need to rethink about how we treat our team and our who we allow to be on that team! I have coaching clients right now that have learned the hard lesson of what happens when you allow toxic people to poison your culture.

Think of a toxic person like cancer. What is the mission of cancer? To infect health cells and eventually kill the host. That’s the same purpose of toxic people inside your restaurant. They want to destroy you culture from the inside. They will infect the positive team members with drama, gossip, and start rumors to undermine your mission, core values, and vision. They only care about themselves. If you found out you had cancer, what would you do to treat it? You would attack it aggressively and without mercy. You’d even cut it out of needed. That’s the same thing you must do toxic people in your restaurant. You must remove them before they cause damage. I had a client that allowed a negative energy vampire to stay way to long. By the time they took action to remove the person from the team the toxic person had already infected other (once positive) people on their team and when they let him go…they lost half of their team in one day. Don’t wait to remove toxic people. There is no upside to having them infect the good people on your team.

On today’s podcast I wanted to invite you to a session I did this year at the largest conference in Europe for HORECA which stands for Hotel, Restaurant, and Cafes. Hospitality Innovation Planet (known as HIP) is held each year in Madrid, Spain and I have be honored to have spoken there 6 times now. In this session I was asked to talk about the 11 traits that the most successful restaurants in the US share..so without further a due have a seat in the audience at Expo HIP…

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