Episode 62 – Profit First for Restaurants with Mike Michalowicz

Welcome to another episode of the restaurant coach podcast, it is the cure for the common restaurant. COVD-19 is truly shaken up the restaurant industry. While many restaurants have closed permanently, others have found new ways to generate sales and more importantly, profits. If you have ever struggled with profitability, then I welcome you to take our Restaurant KPI Challenge to see how much in profits you are leaving on the table. Just head over to www.restaurantkpimastery.com and click on the button that says “Take The KPI Challenge and See What’s Possible”…just answer a few questions and I am sure you are going to be shocked as to the number.


So, speaking of profits. Today on the show I am joined by author, speaker, educator, entrepreneur and just a really cool guy. Mike Michalowicz is basically a business badass who after making and losing a lot of money building and selling businesses, found the formula for making profits in your business. How about this? You take the profits out first! The restaurant industry is plagued by old mindsets and outdated business theories that not only need to be challenged, they need to be changed. Mike has seven books out that will help you start moving the needle to more profits and having a better life. First we need to break down and eliminate some of the ways we think about profits. Let’s jump into the conversation with Mike in the studio.

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