Episode 59 – The Future of Restaurants with Kyle Inserra

Welcome to The Restaurant Coach ™ Podcast, it is the cure for the common restaurant. If you have listen to this show before you know I have a list of the seven deadly sins that you want to avoid.  The number one sin in any restaurant is mediocrity. The second sin is not knowing your numbers. I can give you the other five as well.

When it comes to helping you with sin number two: not knowing your numbers, I have a solution. Check out my new program called Restaurant KPI Mastery. I partnered up with the number one KPI and efficiency consultant in the world, Darren Manzari to create a new program that has been beta tested with 100 independent restaurants in 7 countries has shown an average increase of 8-12% for clients. One client actually has been consistently hit 18% for the last three months and this is with COVID happening! Head over to www.RestaurantKPIMastery.com to get a demo and see if it can help you and your restaurant.

Today on the show I am joined by restaurateur and real estate expert Kyle Inserra. Kyle is my go to person when I have clients that need guidance on how to create a partnership with their landlord. Now it the perfect time to either renegotiate with your current landlord or maybe even find a better location for your restaurant. Before we jump into the interview, A quick shout out to our sponsors for this show. If you are looking for a badass POS System to compliment your badass restaurant, then go and check out Upserve at www.upserve.com. Okay, let’s get to it…

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