Episode 51 – A Post Coronavirus Marketing Plan with Bruce Irving

Welcome to The Restaurant Coach Podcast, it is the cure for the common restaurant. On this episode we have a conversation with the one and only Bruce Irving from Smart Pizza Marketing as we dig down into creating your post COVID marketing plan.

But before we get to the interview, let’s about your numbers. Allow me to be honest with you. COVID -19 isn’t your fault, but how you ran your restaurant before COVID-19 is. Tracking and managing certain Key Performance Indicators or KPIs has never been so important. In fact, I would bet that you could be leaving 5-15% on the table by not monitoring your KPIs. I partnered up with the leading KPI expert in the world, Darren Manzari and we created a system that will not only allow you to track and manage your KPIs, we’re going to coach you on how to improve them so you can put more money in the bank. You can start by taking the Restaurant KPI Mastery Challenge to see how effective you are right now at running your restaurant. It just takes a few minutes and I am sure the results will shock you. Head over to www.restaurantKPImastery.com  to take the challenge. Okay enough of the sales pitch, let’s jump into the episode with Bruce Irving.