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Episode 120 – The AI Tsunami Transforming Your Dining Experience with Zack Oates

Welcome to The Restaurant Coach Podcast, it’s the cure for the common restaurant. Today we have an exciting guest on the show. Zack Oates is the founder of Ovation, a company revolutionizing how restaurants connect with their guest through digital marketing, online surveys, SMS marketing, and, quite importantly, data analysis. Before we jump into the interview, let’s chat about the changes coming with AI. Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is dramatically reshaping the landscape of our world. The implications are vast and offer solutions to longstanding challenges. How can restaurants use this to get ahead of their competition? Listen in and find out…

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Episode 106 – Core Values Drive Everything with Zack Oates

You know what I love? I love culture! Well, I love a great culture that helps people reach there potential. Toxic cultures suck and sadly 80% of independent restaurants have a culture that keeps them hostage to working IN their business and not ON there business. But, here’s the inside secret…culture can be changed. Now, is it easy. Oh hell no! Is it required if you ever want to break free from your restaurant running your life? Oh hell yes! How do you start? It starts with getting clear on your core values and then getting on your soapbox and preaching these values every single day.

My good friend is Zack Oates who runs an incredible tech company called Ovation. The thing that impresses me about Zack is not just the amazing service he offers which allows restaurants to create a better guest experience for their guests digitally…he also has created an incredible culture that has allowed his brand to see rapid growth year after year. Today I had a chance to ask he what are the keys to achieving a successful culture. Let’s go to the studio…

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Episode 76 – Listen To Your Guests Or Lose with Zack Oates

Welcome to another episode of The Restaurant Coach Podcast. It is the cure for the common restaurant. As restaurants recover from the pandemic you might have noticed a shift in guest dining behavior. While the pandemic did drive takeout and delivery to new heights…the demand is still high. Having a solid way to interact with your guests and maintain that sense of a “table touch” is what digital feedback is all about. My guest today is an expert at keeping that connection between your restaurant and the digital diner. Zack Oates is the founder of a company called Ovation. Not only is Zack an innovator, he’s also a really great guy that I am honored to call a friend. Let’s jump into my interview with Zack….

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