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Episode 122 – Cracking the Culture Code with Chef Romeo Regalli

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Today, I’m super excited to chat with Chef Romeo Regalli. He’s part of the dynamic duo (along with his wife, Milka) and the chef behind Ras Plant Based, an awesome Ethiopian restaurant in NYC. This place is special, guys—it’s all about plant-based foods, it’s super Eco-friendly, and it brings a cool and fresh vibe to the dining scene!

But today, we’re going beyond talking about tasty dishes. We’re diving into a big topic—‘Culture.’ We’re exploring why having a strong and positive culture is super important for making your restaurant a hit and keeping it successful for the long run!

Culture—it’s the heart and soul of your restaurant. It’s like the hidden script that guides how your restaurant works, how your team acts, and what your customers experience when they walk through your doors.

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