Episode 124 – The 6 Critical Systems You MUST Have To Thrive

Hey there, restaurant trailblazers!  Ever wished for an insider’s look into the secret sauce that drives the most successful establishments? Today’s your lucky day! This episode offers a rare, behind-the-scenes peek into my exclusive coaching program for Restaurant Owners ONLY – Restaurant Masterminds.

Are you running your restaurant, or is it running you? The difference often lies in the systems you have (or don’t have) in place.

We’re diving deep into the six mission-critical systems that form the backbone of Restaurant Masterminds:

1️⃣ Core Value/Mission Card – Nail down your WHY.
2️⃣ Integrated Training System – Elevate consistency and quality.
3️⃣ Food Costing – Boost profits without compromising the experience.
4️⃣ Marketing Calendar – Plan promotions to always stay in the limelight.
5️⃣ Weekly Budgets/P&L – Drive decisions with real-time data.
6️⃣ The 6 Critical KPIs – The heartbeat of your restaurant’s success.

Too many establishments operate without these systems, leaving gaps in their armor. Don’t be one of them!

Tune in to dissect each system, grasp its role, and crucially, discover how to wield them to their maximum potential. 📈

Remember, it’s not just having the arsenal, but mastering its deployment. Dive in for your masterclass!

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