Episode 118 – The 12 BullSh*t Lies We Tell That Keeps Our Restaurants Stuck

Stop everything! Let’s have a serious talk about the 12 Bullshit Lies you are telling yourself that are holding your restaurant back!

Welcome to the Restaurant Coach Podcast, It is the cure for the common restaurant.

I’m sure that the catchy title got your attention! You might be saying to yourself right now: Bullshit lies? Who me?

Yes, you!

Now don’t take it too personally because we all lie to ourselves from time to time. Yes, even I do it, too, so welcome to the club! When you admit it and don’t let it control you, you can finally do something about it, and that’s exactly why you and I are here! I’m not going to give you a pass on your bullshit, I’m here to help you deal with your bullshit.

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