Episode 95 – How To Pick Better Team Players

Welcome to The Restaurant Coach Podcast. It is the cure for the common restaurant! Is it just me or does the world feel like we’re on some giant roller coaster? The economy is up and down. Gas prices up and now coming back down a little. Supply chain is a wreck and the quest to find great people can be as elusive as capturing Bigfoot! How about a way to ensure you hired people that were more team players? Honestly this would reduce turnover, reduce the drama in your restaurant and eventually improve your guest satisfaction and that could increase your profitability. If it sounds too good to be true it’s not. How you allow to be on your team is more important than you think and it’s time you start taking hiring seriously! Today I am going to share with you a training session I did with the members of my private Facebook group called The Restaurant Coach Nation. Every Friday (travel and holidays permitting) I go LIVE Inside to give TRC Nation members Training that can get them closer to having the restaurant and life they desire. If your not a member yet, then when would NOW be a good time to join. Just follow the link in the show notes to join us. Now, if you are not a member currently it will ask your three questions to make sure you are in the restaurant industry and then your in. Let’s jump into the LIVE session inside Facebook…

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