Episode 65 – Get Your Marketing Right with David “Rev” Ciancio

Welcome to another exciting episode of The Restaurant Coach Podcast. It is the cure for the common restaurant.

School is never out for the true professional.
If you are not learning, growing, and developing yourself as a leader then you are basically standing still.
That’s settling for less than a life you are capable of living!
You were not born to be average.
You were not designed to not live up to potential.
You have more inside you than you realize.
Getting a coach is the fast track to 10X your potential.
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Marketing is always a hot topic and with the changes happening around the world you might be curious as to what works. What if I told you that email marketing is still a great way to stay connected to your guests. In fact it solid gold according to my guest on this episode, David Rev Ciancio. I Think of Rev as the maestro of marketing and for one reason. He’s damn good at it. So when Rev talks I like to take notes. Let’s jump in today’s episode with my conversation with the one and only Rev Ciancio.