Episode 54 – Badass Marketing with Bruce Irving

Welcome to The Restaurant Coach ™ Podcast, it is the cure for the common restaurant. Now before we jump in today’s episode allow me to go on a little rant about what is the number one thing holding you back from getting the restaurant you want. You are lying to yourself. Denial is a powerful emotional drug that tempts us to stay where we are. It comes from that place inside of all of us that doesn’t want to know the truth. It’s the byproduct of the infamous comfort zone we all have. You know that place where we retreat to escape the world and feel really comfortable.

We avoid the truth because sometimes it can be both painful and fearful, that’s a double whammy! Your options, make the changes you know deep down inside that you must or stay safe in your comfort zone. You probably know what most people choose. They justify that decision to stay in their comfort zone by using what is known as verbal softeners. These are little white lies that are designed to make you feel good for now. Maybe you’ve heard or said some of these yourself:

Things are not that bad

It could be worse

Eventually they’ll change

It’s just a rut.

I love that last one. When people tell me they’re just in a rut I reply, the only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth.

Here’s a thing, all those statements are fear dressed up as optimistic banter. You can convince yourself pretty much of anything, including how bad you’re supposedly not doing.

Here is my restaurant coach prescription: stop lying to yourself. If things are not 100% the way you want them, stop coming up with excuses and lies. You’ll never get what you want from your restaurant or from yourself for that matter, until you admit that things sometimes just suck.

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Now let’s jump into the episode with marketing master, Bruce Irving from Smart Pizza Marketing. www.smartpizzamarketing.com

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