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Episode 47 – What Restaurant Success Looks Like with Eric Cacciatore

This is episode 47 of The Restaurant Coach Podcast, it is the cure for the common restaurant. I am a believer that success leaves clues and patterns. If you are a savvy operator, you’ll keep you eyes open to these clues much like a detective works a case, piecing together the common thread to solve the mystery. I can tell you that will 100% certainly that restaurant success is not rocket science, it’s people science. The Restaurant Freedom Formula™ is my signature roadmap that can help you break free from your restaurant running you. How would more profits and more time for what matters to you change your life. I talked to a restaurant owner the other day who is a single father trying to turn around his struggling restaurant that does close to $2M in sales and get his profits are slipping away to almost nothing. I hear these stories all the time and the sad part is that his solution is to throw more hours into work hoping that things turn around. Working harder is not the answer. It’s working smarter. You have heard the common saying that you need to work on your business and not in your business. Well, how exactly do you do that? You need a roadmap that will develop the three pillars that all successful restaurants understand: Culture, Systems, and Strategy. You are invited to book a 1:1 call with me personally to discuss where your restaurant is now, where you want to be in 90-days, and let’s create a plan to get you there. Just go to my website at www.therestaurantcoach.com

Remember that it’s the people that make or break a restaurant. And the man who can help shed some insight into those people problems is Eric Cacciatore, the host of the popular restaurant podcast Restaurant Unstoppable! Eric has interviewed over 690 people for his show and has traveled over 50,000 miles in two last few years meeting people and sharing their stories. I have been honored to be a guest on Eric’s podcast a couple times and In today’s episode I turn the tables around and I get to interview him! There are quite a few gold nuggets in this episode so let’s jump into the interview….

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