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Episode 50 – How Restaurants Can Deal with COVID-19 with Bo Bryant

Welcome to The Restaurant Coach Podcast. It is the cure for the common restaurant. Today we have a special session focused on COVID-19 and what restaurants can do now to get through this pandemic. Joining me today is special guests Bo Bryant, The Restaurant Giant! Bo is an author and consultant based out of San Diego California. Now before we jump in I need to give a shout out to my favorite POS company out there Upserve. Not only do they have a badass point of sales system for your restaurant they also have the extras your need to be successful in the new Post COVID 19 economy with online orders and gift cards.

They are also a sponsor of my upcoming Conquer Online Restaurant Summit. What? You haven’t heard of it? It’s May 17-19 and it features 20 world class speakers from around the globe delivering 24 session that will get you ready for the new economy.

You can grab your seat at www.conquerrestaurantsummit.com.

Now let’s jump into the conversation with Bo Bryant.

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Episode 49 – Focus On the Now with Eva Ballarin

Welcome to a very special edition of the restaurant coach podcast. This coronavirus pandemic has really crushed not only the world, but the restaurant industry. Thousands of restaurants have closed permanently already and only the very strong will survive. In order to survive you are going to need to dig down deep in channel some inner strength that you may have not thought you had before. But you do, how I know this? Because you’re listening to this podcast. That makes you different than the average restaurant owner or operator. You want to grow you. You want to learn. You want to be better. You want more from yourself and your restaurant. And I’m here to give you that. On today’s show, I am very honored to have a dear friend of mine Eva Ballarin on the show. Eva is an international speaker, analyst, and hospitality lecturer who focuses on strategy. She is based in Barcelona Spain and speaks around the world helping restaurants maximize their potential through strategic innovation. So let’s jump into the episode.

Contact Eva: www.evaballain.com


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