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Episode 71 – Farm to Fork and Art with Bernie Laskowski

Welcome to The Restaurant Coach Podcast…it is the cure for the common restaurant. So, how is your restaurant holding up as we recover from the pandemic and things are starting to readjust to the new normal? I would love to hear from you about what is your biggest challenge you are facing right now. You can text me at (505) 393-4750. Getting back to how things were before isn’t going to happen. The world changed and we as an industry must change too. My guest today is not only a friend, he is a fellow veteran and we actually worked together back in the early 2000’s (although he forgot that as you’ll hear)…I had to jog his memory. Bernie Laskowski is a chef, Restauranteur and just a great leader who has set up his expanding restaurant empire called Craft Urban out in the suburbs of Chicago. Let’s jump into the studio conversation with Chef Laskowski and me…

Craft Urban

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