Episode 90 – Digital Restaurant Strategies with Carl Orsbourn & Meredith Sandland

Welcome to The Restaurant Coach Podcast it is the cure for the common restaurant. The digital frontier is here my friends and if your restaurant is not actively looking on creating a strategy that incorporates digital delivery into you revenue steams you are going to be in big trouble this year. Digital isn’t just about making it easier for your guests to buy, it’s about making it customizable and flexible to work with their lifestyle and their schedules. The pandemic took traditional dining and shook the shit out of it like a giant snow globe. And if you think things are going to go back to normal or like they were before 2020 you are fooling yourself. The law of the universe is that you must adapt or you become extinct! My guests today have a book out that I am recommending every restaurant owner and operator read because the information inside might just allow you to stay ahead of where the market is going. Carl Orsbourn and Meredith Sandland are the authors of Delivering The Digital Restaurant: Your Roadmap to The Future of Food. It’s also available on Audible for those that prefer to listen to books. Let’s jump into the interview and get ready to get your digital dining on….

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