Episode 87 – Omicron Action Plan for Restaurants

And welcome to another episode of The Restaurant Coach Podcast. It is the cure for the common restaurant. I wanted to give a big thank you out there for all the listeners and subscribers around the world that have become a member of The TRC Tribe. It’s a New Year and that always brings about excitement for change and also usually a bit of challenge. Right now Omicron is dominant the news as cases rip through our communities and once again has an impact on the restaurant industry. Are you feeling a little déjà vu? Well you’re not alone. If the pandemic of 2020 showed us that we need to expect the unexpected and have a plan. This last Sunday I did a training inside my private Facebook group called The Restaurant Coach Nation where I deliver free training each week to the members. This time I shared my Omicron Action Plan that Independent restaurant need to start implementing. So let’s jump into the training session…

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