Episode 84 – Fatal Mistakes That Restaurants Make

Welcome to The Restaurant Coach Podcast. It is the cure for the common restaurant. I just wrapped up my annual three day in person LIVE event called The Restaurant Success Summit and if you missed it…You missed over 18 hours of knowledge bombs being dropped from guest speakers like Kelley Jones, Bruce Irving, Bo Bryant, Zack Oates, Eva Ballarin and myself. It was intense and I saw a few people fill up two notebooks.

Now if you missed that…I have another opportunity for you to still get some tools that can get your restaurant ready to THRIVE in 2022. Starting November 17th I am going to be doing the 3-Days To Thrive Challenge! And here’s the best part…it’s totally FREE for the first 100 people to sign up. You give me three days and I’ll give you the very best tools I have shared with members over this past year that I have seen have the biggest impact on their culture and bottom line. You give me the commitment of your time and I’ll deliver the goods. Sound fair?

If you want I sign up just head over to 3DaysToThriveChallenge.com and save your spot. I’m going to keep it a small group so I wouldn’t wait. That’s www.3DayToThriveChallenge.com Okay. As I look back over these last 12 years I have spent building The Restaurant Coach brand I’ve looked over past coaching notes and I have identified the 19 most lethal mistakes that average restaurants make!

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