Episode 82 – Lessons from Wolfgang Puck’s Kitchen with Gregg Brickman

Welcome to The Restaurant Coach Podcast. It is the cure for the common restaurant. If you are looking for the edge that could give you the breakthrough you want for your restaurant then check out a couple of my LIVE training sessions that I offer in Scottsdale, Arizona. Every other month I hold a very intimate and intense two-day workshop called The Restaurant Owner Bootcamp when we dig deep into The 8 Driving Forces of Restaurant Success. You can find more info and secure your seat for the next Bootcamp at www.RestaurantOwnerBootcamp.com. And every October I have my premier 3-day event called The Restaurant Success Summit with 5 other industry’s experts and a massive 18 hands-on workshops in just 3-days. You can get seats for this event at www.RestaurantSuccessSummit.com. Okay, no more sales pitches. Today, I am honored to have a long overdue conversation with a fellow Wolfgang Puck Alumni Chef Gregg Brickman. Greg and I ran the famous Wolfgang Puck Catering and as we look back we see that some of the best training we every received about build a team and culture came from those years with Wolf. Let’s jump into the interview…

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