Episode 79 -The Cure To Finding Staff…It’s Your Culture!

Welcome to The Restaurant Coach Podcast. It is the cure for the common restaurant. First off I want to announce some exciting news! My first book Your Restaurant Sucks is going to be available on Audible very soon as an audio book! Yes, I know it’s taken awhile to get here and I am very excited to finally be able to get that out. Also, my third book and the audio book for Your Restaurant Culture Sucks will both be released in October. I also have my two-day Restaurant Owner Bootcamp coming up…I’ll put a link in the show noted for details and how you can attend. And last but not least I am holding my 3-day Restaurant Success Summit this October 25-27 in Scottsdale with 15 sessions and I am bringing in four epic experts to show you how to set your restaurant up for massive success! Speaking about culture? Are you having a hard time finding people to work with you? If so, you are not alone. I honestly think that the restaurant industry has done this to ourselves by creating an work environment that is plagued as a bad joke. How do we overcome this stigma? By taking control of our culture and showing the world that your restaurant is different. In this episode I’m going to let you sit in on a training session I did for my Facebook group called The Restaurant Coach Nation. Let’s see how you can create a culture that attracts top talent…

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