Episode 75 – The REAL Secret to Restaurant Success is Culture

Welcome to The Restaurant Coach Podcast! It is the cure for the common restaurant. I’m putting the final edits on my third book called Your Restaurant Culture Sucks. I choose the topic of culture because I think it is the secret sauce that separates the good, from the great, from those that truly are outstanding in their market. Culture isn’t something that can be fixed quickly, especially if you’ve allowed a toxic one to run amuck in your restaurant. Today’s session is from a session I did in February 2020 at Hospitality Innovation Planet in Madrid. It has to be one of my favorite shows to speak at because they people there are like sponges when it comes to learning and improving themselves. The production is organized by my good friend and fellow consultant Eva Ballarin who runs a world class congress for those that want to become their best. If you have the chance to go then this is one show you want to put on your bucket list! Let’s go have a seat and image you’re there with me in Spain…

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