Episode 72 – The Four Building Blocks To Culture

Welcome to The Restaurant Coach Podcast…it is the cure for the common restaurant.

Each week I receive several questions from some restaurant owners frustrated and trying to get by in from their team… but the most common one is, “Why won’t my staff use my checklist?”

Great question! The short answer is you haven’t told them why they are important to them. With that being said your real issue isn’t how to create accountability among the team. The real issue is not understanding how accountability fits into the overall culture of your restaurant. You see there’s a strategy and a framework for everything.

So your options here are 1) Keep going down the rabbit hole trying to Google and YouTube answers of how to get team buying and ultimately waste more time and become increasingly frustrated in the process or 2) You could follow a proven step-by-step process that helps driven restaurateurs, motivated restaurant leaders, and independent restaurant owners like you double their profits while reducing the hours they work in the restaurant in as little as six months.

Now if I were already your coach I know which one I encourage you to choose. Now if you choose option one, no worries. Feel free to keep banging your head against the wall. Now if you think option two sounds better, if you’re tired of working long hours in your restaurant, if you don’t want a complex plan, and if you’re tired of trying to figure it all out by yourself then here’s what I recommend.

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Today’s episode is taken from a free training I do every Sunday inside my private Facebook group called The Restaurant Coach Nation. You’re welcome to join the group for free just head over to Facebook look for The Restaurant Coach Nation, answer three simple questions that verifies that you actually work in the restaurant industry and you’re in.

It’s pretty simple right? All right let’s jump into the four building blocks to creating an outstanding culture. Fair warning, if you do not have all of these blocks in order your restaurant could be suffering. So take notes and let’s get to it.