Episode 45 – Your Leadership Superpower with Brian Duncan

Welcome to The Restaurant Coach Podcast! It is the cure for the common restaurant! This is episode 45 and today I am joined by my good friend, restaurateur, and wine god…and also the happiest man I know: Brian Duncan.

But before we jump into the conversation let’s talk about potential…your potential. The number one thing that will change your restaurant, change your life, change your money, change your relationships is you must raise your standards. Your restaurant and your life right now is a reflection of what you tolerate. Are you happy with that? If yes, that’s great! If your are not, you have to raise your standards and keep them up there. We all start out when we open our restaurant with high standards and as we get beat down from life and negative energy vampires we slow start to lower our standards until we lose who we are and what we stand for. We compromised and sold out. Well, it’s time to take it back. Time to get the restaurant and life you know you are capable of. Time to turn all those things you know you should do into a must do. You know what I’m talking about: you should workout, you should eat better, you should get more sleep, you should cost out your menu, you should fire that low performer on your team. You should and should and should all over yourself every single day. It’s time to stop shoulding and start doing.

You know that you should work on your business instead of in your business. So, how exactly do you do that? It starts with a conversation. Go to my website www.therestaurantcoach.com and schedule a call with me personally. We’ll discuss where your restaurant is now, where you want to be in the next 90-days, and I’ll give you a crystal clear plan to get it. You just need to take a little action and schedule a call. Now, let’s jump into my conversation with Brian Duncan and what is your superpower to getting the restaurant you want!