Episode 27 – Let’s Talk Leadership with Yigal Adato

Welcome to The Restaurant Coach™ Podcast it is the cure for the common restaurant. Today I am very honored to  introduce today’s guest, Yigal Adato to the show. Yidal is a world renown leadership expert and keynote speaker. Today he is going to give us his answers to the questions lined up for Season Two which I call The Dirty Dozen.

 Contact Yigal if you are interested in leadership coaching or if you are looking for a dynamic speaker for your event. http://yigaladato.com/

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In closing: Leadership in any business is about personal accountability and stepping up to actually be the lead your team wants. Remember that being a leader is not a title, it’s an act. A conscious act to help another person become their best, while at the same time becoming your best! What is the number one element missing in leadership today, you ask? It’s the raw courage needed to stand there and say, “I own this.”

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