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Episode 48 – How to Become Unshakable

Welcome to The Restaurant Coach Podcast! This Coronavirus Pandemic has shaken up the restaurant world across the globe! To get you through this, you are going to have to dig down deep inside yourself and summon those superpowers you have let become dormant over the last few weeks or maybe even years.

This is episode 48, and today you need to hang on for a rough ride (which means be prepared for a few F-Bombs to be dropped) because we are going to have a talk about unleashing those superpowers I just mentioned. How to stop playing small so you can break free from where you are to getting the restaurant and life you know it can be. Especially now! You are going to need to get primal if you want to not just survive, if you want to thrive. If you are listening to this podcast, I know you want to succeed. How do I know this? Because you are listening to THIS podcast, you are a badass. So time to stop whining about what we lost, it’s gone—time to focus on what we can gain from this. Opportunity always comes after set back. You can’t see it now…but, believe me, it’s coming and those that are ready to grab it will win! Now, Please let me be clear that I don’t use expletive language to insult or put people down. I use it to break certain behavioral patterns to get you to wake up and pay attention. You’re listening to this podcast because you want more. More time. More money. More life! To do that, we have to get raw, real, and Relevant. I don’t want you wasting another day not moving your restaurant and your life forward, even if it is just a little. So, I will challenge you. I will push you. I will drop a few select words so you can wake the fuck up. My first business mentor sat me down and told me that I sucked at building a business, and he was right. I knew how to run a restaurant. But there is a big difference between running a restaurant and building a brand. And if you don’t think so, then you and I must talk! So, my passion and mission is to shake you out of the comfort zone you are in so you can have it all! Okay, enough of my rant for the day…let’s dive into the topic for today’s show…

A few years ago during one of the meetings of a mastermind group I was in of restaurant consultants and entrepreneurs, one of the members said a word that really got me thinking. They said that you had to be Unfuckwithable. I just love that word. Now for this episode I want you to change that to Unshakable!

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